Euro Hawk – Unmanned Vehicles (UAV) Specifications & Data Sheet

Euro Hawk

Euro Hawk

Euro Hawk by Northrop Grumman, USA.

The Euro Hawk®, developed and built for the German Ministry of Defence, is the first international derivative of the combat-proven, high-flying RQ-4 Global Hawk HALE UAS. It is also Northrop Grumman’s first trans-Atlantic cooperation with Germany and EADS Deutschland GmbH, operating through Cassidian, the defence and security division of EADS.

Based on the Block 20 configuration, Euro Hawk will be equipped with a new signals intelligence (SIGINT) mission system developed by Cassidian, providing standoff capability to detect electronic intelligence (ELINT) and communications intelligence (COMINT) emitters.

A ground station consisting of a mission control and launch and recovery elements will be provided by Northrop Grumman. Cassidian will provide a SIGINT ground station, which will receive and analyze the data from Euro Hawk® as part of an integrated system solution.

With a wingspan larger than a commercial airliner, endurance of more than 30 hours and a maximum altitude of more than 60,000 feet, Euro Hawk® is an interoperable, modular and cost-effective replacement to the aging fleet of manned Breguet Atlantic aircraft, which have been in service since 1972 and will be retired in 2010.

Wingspan: 130.9 ft. (39.9 m)
Length: 47.6 ft. (14.5 m)
Height: 15.4 ft. (4.7 m)
Gross Takeoff Weight: 32,250 lbs. (14,628 kg)
Maximum Altitude: 60,000 ft. (18.3 km)
Payload: 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg)
Ferry Range: 12,300 nm (22,780 km)
Loiter Velocity: 310 knots TAS (True Air Speed)
On-Station Endurance at 1,200 nm: 24 hours
Maximum Endurance: 30+ hours